Hangar Darwin   Bordeaux Rive Droite

Walk and visit at Darwin

Located on Bordeaux Right Bank, alongside the Garonne, Darwin is an untypical place with an original decoration using raw materials.

Originally a former military barracks, this location has turned into a real village within a city with a specific objective for us all, to have respect for the eco-system.

In addition, you can also do your shopping at the Darwin shop, organic products, lemonade and craft beer are highlighted. Hunt for discoveries in the small garages of the bottom of the warehouse, especially in "L'Etincelle" where one can buy or rent a bike. Allow yourself a moment of relaxation at "L'alcove" for a massage and other wellness activities. Meditate at a yoga session. You can also spend time skateboarding, rollerblading or even watch or try the bike polo.

Nothing better after having tested one of Darwin's many activities than enjoying a good glass of wine on the outside sofas or nibbling a plate of tapas on wooden tables.

You can also have the chance to enjoy the exhibitions and concerts of the moment!

This environment-friendly eco-friendly venue will make you discover a way to entertain you while acting in the interest of the planet. For more information on the Darwin activities and its projects, we recommend a guided tour of 1:30 hours, preferably book online. It costs 10 € for an adult and 5 € for children.

The Darwin will welcome you from Tuesday to Sunday from 14h to 19h.

  • Only 10 minutes drive from our hotel
  • And just 24 minutes by bike to already adopt the "Darwinian" mode!

Darwin écosystème

87 quai des Queyries