Observatoire de Floirac

Observatoire Astronomique de Bordeaux in Floirac (From 05/30/2018 to 06/12/2019)

Observatoire de Bordeaux

2 rue de l’Observatoire



Having one’s head in the stars is possible thanks to the visit of the Bordeaux Observatory which is located just a few steps from our establishment.


Founded in 1878 by Georges Rayet, the OASU (Aquitaine Observatory of the Sciences of the Universe) reopened its doors this year with Bordeaux Métropole and the Sirius Association. 


Registered as a historical monument, the Floirac Observatory site participates in the progression of knowledge about the universe, and ensures student training disseminating knowledge in this field.


Thanks to the Sirius Association, established in 2017, the observatory has been kept alive. A rehabilitation project for science and amateur astronomy is underway.


You can therefore discover the history of the place, its activities, and can enter the dome of the great equatorial with a journey that mixes artistic and scientific heritage.


From the 30th May 2018 until the 12th June 2019, you can visit this historic site combining contemporary art and science.


Thanks to the collaboration of British author Suzanne Treister, you will be immersed in her work on theories related to technological developments by way of literary and science-fiction references.


You will be in the heart of a library full of works, essays and science fiction that become real thanks to the buildings and domes of the observatory. Imagine yourself immersed in a piece of literary work, diffused by a telescope and projected on the walls of this historic site!


Open until June 2019, the visit lasts one hour, registration necessary.