Sous les mers   Au dela de limage

Sous les Mers – Au delà de l’image (exhibition from 10/01/2018 au 04/30/2019)

Musée Mer Marine Bordeaux

89 Rue des Étrangers

33300 Bordeaux

Phone : +33 (0)5 57 19 77 73


Le Grand Bleu, an absolutely inescapable French film allows us to immerse ourselves in magnificent landscapes and to marvel at this vast world.


In partnership with National Geographic, the Bordeaux Métropole helps us plunge into the seas and oceans through various photographs taken by photographers Paul Nicklen and David Doubilet.

Opening in the spring of 2019, the Musée Mer Marine de Bordeaux unveils its first unpublished exhibition, thus embarking its visitors into the magic of oceanic nature.


David Doubilet, a famous French photographer from National Geographic, has travelled for 40 years to all the seas of the Globe, and gives us magnificent memories of his odysseys.


Paul Nicklen specializes in the far North plunging into icy waters and transcribes the fascinating, beautiful, and out of reach world that make up the Antartic seas and oceans.


Come and discover the very first colour documentary made by National Geographic. Contemplate majestic animals like white sharks, whales and other fish. Marvel at the multitudes of colours of corals and nudibranchs.


These large bodies of water abound with treasures, as well as an ecosystem to be preserved. The , photographs will allow you to contemplate both the fauna and flora which are part of the main environmental issues in the world.


Due to the fact that this has become a global cause, the United Nations Assembly has made the 8th fo June the World Ocean Day. In the face of global warming, these natural treasures are losing their beauty little by little.


"Sous les Mers – Au delà de l’image » underlines the importance of preserving this natural environment.


The exhibition is from the 1st October 2018 until the 30th April 2019