urban wine trail

Urban Wine Trail

Urban Wine Trail - an opportunity to discover Bordeaux neighborhoods through its wine bars!


Everyone knows about vineyard excursions, but come and discover wine tourism in the city! What could be better than to stroll down small alleys in the old districts of Bordeaux, and to take a breath at the terrace of a wine bar in order to taste local specialities accompanied by emblematic wines of the region... or elsewhere!

As a lover of tradition and innovation, one can only be seduced by the different establishment you will discover on the wine bar route. You will go to small, intimate and cosy bars where you can receive the advice of passionate owners, to more spacious establishments having adopted the concept of tasting and discovering new wines.

"Le Flacon", "Le Millésime", "Le Wine Bar", or "La Ligne Rouge", to name jus a few, present a local but also cosmopolitan map, wich the owners will share with you accompanied by food of various origins! Why not try a Bordeaux wine with heart of burrata and truffle? 

The wine bar route will take you through Bordeaux, but also further into the surrounding of the city! You can enjoy a drink on terraces in Mérignac, in Gradignan or in Talence!

One can find a route posted on the Cirkwi https://cdt33.media.tourinsoft.eu/upload/W-DEPLIANT-UWT-2018-BAT.pdf application. You just need to download before you embark on the streets of Bordeaux following the different stops by district.

If you do not wish to use your Smartphone, you can download the urban wine trail map directly https://www.bordeaux-tourisme.com/offre/fiche/urban-wine-trail/ITIAQU033V50HSBH.

Each establishment offers an "urban wine trail" formula combining a wine and a home made accompaniment. Do not hesitate to ask for the specific formula for each establishment that you will find on the brochure "wine tours" on the website.